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2009 Balloon Launch
James Austin Benton
Reinaldo Antonia Castro
Charles Richard Connor
Richard Howard Dallas
Blenn Colby Dyer
Peter Charles Forame
Samuel William Osbourne Jr.
Ronald Keith Pennington
Donald Frank Rhodes
William Ernest Ricker
Thomas William Skiles
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We will not forget guess book
Welcome to our 1st annual POW/MIA Balloon launch. Which will be held(more information below on our flyers).
This will be our first launch ever in my little town of Vernal, Utah.I am very honored to be holding this Ceremony for all our loved ones that we lost through the years. My local bike club X-high riders will be holding a bike run for our town.
We will be having our Veterans of Foreign War post 5560 joining us , our local American Legion and many more.
If any of you are in our area please come and join us for this exciting event.
I would like to thank "Doc Dentice " who has made this plaque for me to use for my Ceremony,and all the help he has given to me. THANK YOU DOC from all of us in Vernal, Utah.



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