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2009 Balloon Launch
James Austin Benton
Reinaldo Antonia Castro
Charles Richard Connor
Richard Howard Dallas
Blenn Colby Dyer
Peter Charles Forame
Samuel William Osbourne Jr.
Ronald Keith Pennington
Donald Frank Rhodes
William Ernest Ricker
Thomas William Skiles
Missing man table & Honors Ceremony
A Tribute to all Veterans
Say a prayer for our Troops!
My POW Black out award for 2005
My 24 hour Black out
In memory of our loved ones
My letters to the President
POW/MIA regonition day
Informative Sites to check out!
I Want to make a difference!
We will not forget guess book

"Welcome Veterans-Military & All Those Patriotic"


Welcome to my page: Here you will find that I have adopted several POW.MIA.KIA'S. I will be posting Biography,Links and many more Information on these brave men.I have adopted 12 men from all military branches of service.

when I came across Operation Just Cause that is when I decided how I can become active in helping to bring
our Servicemen who are still on the list home. So please stop by my Hero's pages that I have created in their honor.
Thank you
Our Mission Statement is Important!
We Salute Our Veterans We Remember Our P.O.W.'s With Pride With Dignity With Honor and With Grace..


Thank you and God Bless You!
As part of our mission statement, Our goal is to educate the public and encourage everyone to Support our Troops. Your Support is critical. Together we can all make a difference!
If you would like to help make a difference click on the bracelet below




The flame of life has been created to help show support for the troops. You may place the flame banner on your website or use it in your e-mail.
The placing of a candle in the window dates back to the colonial times in the United States. It symbolizes the warmth and security of the family hearth and signals loyalty to family members and loved one's who are not present in the home.
Today as we place our candle, our flame of life,in the big window known as the Internet, let it not only represent loyalty to the family member who is not present in the home, but become a symbol of hope,freedom, and peace.A reminder of sacrifices,bravery and memories of our loved one's unselfish dedication to their country.
This Candle will remain burning till all our Troops come home!



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